Main Courses



Braised Beef & Carrots (illustrated)

Scotch Beef slowly braised in rich wine gravy flavoured with bay leaves



Chicken in Barbeque Sauce

Succulent chunks of chicken supreme slowly marinated and served in a piquant barbeque sauce



Gressingham Duck in Orange

Gressingham Duck flambéed in Cointreau and slowly cooked in a honey & orange sauce



Lamb Casserole with Marmalade Sauce

Juicy tender Welsh lamb pieces casseroled in a marriage of nutmeg and marmalade



Shepherd's Pie

Steak mince, carrots and onions, made in the traditional way and topped with fluffy mashed potato



Beef & Mushrooms in Guinness

Chunks of Scotch beef marinated in Guinness, finished in a tasty onion and mushroom gravy



Chicken Livers in Marsala

Tender chicken livers sautéed in butter and wrapped in a delicious Marsala & cream sauce



Traditional Steak Pie

Scotch beef braised to perfection and topped with golden puff pastry



Fisherman's Pie

Chunks of the catch of the day & mushrooms in a creamy
white sauce with a tiny hint of cheese



Fresh Salmon

Salmon Fillet baked in an asparagus & mustard sauce, topped with mashed potato



Liver Sausage & Onion

Delicious casserole of tender liver & sausages in a rich onion gravy



Hawaiian Chicken Breast

Chicken supreme slowly cooked in a piquant pineapple & chilli sauce



Mince & Doughballs

Steak mince laced with carrots and onions cooked to perfection, served with fluffy doughballs



Chilli con Carne

Wonderfully tasty steak mince cooked in our own blend of chilli spices and tomatoes, laced with tender kidney beans



Lasagne al Forno

Wonderful blend of steak mince & tomato sauce, béchamel and fresh pasta with a hint of nutmeg



Fresh Tuna & Tomato Casserole

Real Italian flavoured stew of delicious fresh tuna chunks


Vegetarian Options


Roast Vegetable Lasagne

Roasted peppers, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms in béchamel with fresh pasta



Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

Fresh green cabbage leaves stuffed with a spicy mixture of rice, mushrooms and tomatoes



Bean & Mushroom Chilli

Fresh mushrooms and aubergines married with kidney beans and tomatoes in our own chilli sauce



Aubergine & Potato Balti

Aubergines, root vegetables and lentils in an aromatic and spicy Balti sauce



Thai Sweet Chilli Mushrooms

For fire-eaters everywhere, a delicious mix of mushrooms and market vegetables in a hot sticky sauce



Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Red and yellow peppers stuffed with creamy cheesy rice laced with roast green peppers


Vegetarian & Light Meals,
Quiches & Tartlets


All the below are 'main course' size and come as complete meals

Roast Red Pepper Quiche


Leek and Stilton Quiche


Cheddar Cheese and Roast Onion Quiche


Chicken and Mushroom Tartlet


Fresh Macaroni and Cheese


Cheese and Bacon Stuffed Tomatoes


Aubergine,Cheese and Potato Bake


Mushroom Pie


Cheese and Broccoli Pie


Aubergines Stuffed with Cheese and Pesto


Roast Vegetable Lasagne


Cheese and Mushroom Cannelloni


Braised Fennel Gratinee


All served with fresh vegetables


Individual Gooseberry Trifle £1.35
Individual Black Forrest Trifle £1.35
Individual Plum Crumbles £1.30
Lemon Tarts £1.55
Individual Chocolate Mousse £1.55

All Main Courses will be served with a choice of rice or potato and one vegetable of the day and we are happy to suggest & provide additional accompaniments from £1.00

Some of our main courses lend themselves particularly well to be used as hot buffet table dishes and we will be happy to offer advice.

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