Meals for the Elderly

We find that many of our more elderly customers would prefer slightly smaller portions and only two courses instead of three and so we have devised the following menus to allow you to choose either a soup or a pudding along with a main course.

Some customers are looking for meals for a week and we are happy to provide individual containers of soup, main courses and puddings, which can be refrigerated or frozen until required.

Soups & puddings & fish should be eaten within 3 days of delivery or frozen on delivery until required. Main courses should be eaten within 4 days of delivery or frozen until required.

You may pick and mix the menus in any way you wish; perhaps you would like soup for 3 days and puddings for 4 days, and 7 different main courses. . . .the choice is yours. . . .take your time deciding and remember . . .we're happy to chat you through the choices if you're unsure; we're only a phone call away.

If you have a vegetarian or dietary request. . just ask us. . .we're happy to help.

The cost for the seven days is £34.65 per person, smaller amounts are also available.

Sample 2 course meal suggestions for seven days, please call us for the full menu which always has at least 8 soups, 10 main courses and 8 puddings

Traditional Lentil & Bacon Broth
Chicken & Barley Broth
Cream of Leek & Potato
Homemade Rice Pudding
Apple or Rhubarb Crumble
Bread & Butter Pudding
Sherry Trifle

Main Courses
Fresh homemade Individual Steak Pies
Pot Roasted Chicken Pieces
Hungarian Goulash
Individual Shepherd's Pie
Welsh Lamb in Ginger honey & Marmalade
Lemon Sole poached in creamy Mushroom sauce

Family Meals


Sample menus

We have several different family menus which we change regularly, please phone us for the full range which we can email or post to you

Traditional Lentil & Bacon Broth
Chicken & Barley Broth
Pea & Ham Soup
Minestrone Soup

Fresh homemade Individual Steak Pies
Pot Roasted Chicken ¼
Hungarian Goulash
Poached Salmon Fillets in Asparagus Sauce
Welsh Lamb in Ginger honey & Marmalade
Lasagne al Forno or Roast Vegetable Lasagne

Bread & Butter Fruit Pudding
Homemade Rice Pudding with juicy Sultanas
Black Forrest Trifle
Individual Plum Crumbles

Price for 3 course meal for 1 person £7.95
Including 1 potato and 1 market vegetable
Vegetarian options always available

Soups, starters & puddings

Main courses

Meals for the family and the elderly

Clinical, low-protein & Special Diets

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